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Are you searching for effective ways to help kids resolve conflicts, manage anger and have more peaceful relationships? Click here to find hands-on strategies that really work.

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Is workplace conflict draining energy and affecting your bottom line? Click here to find conflict resolution and anger management resources that will restore your sanity.

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"Naomi Drew is a master teacher and a pathfinder in our culture." -- Susan Skog, author, Peace in Our Lifetime

About Naomi Drew

Ms. Drew is recognized around the world as an expert on conflict resolution and peacemaking for schools, workplaces, and families. Click here for a complete biography.

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Free Downloadable Resources

Conflict Resolution Guidelines
Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know
Help Your Kids Stop Fighting
More Ways to Manage Anger
Simplified Conflict Resolution
Conflict Solver Checklist
Steps for Running Family Meetings
Raising Happy Children
Listening Lifelines for Parents of Teens
On The Spot Calming
Dealing with the Hard Issues
No More Power Struggles


Listen to Naomi's latest podcast "Keep Cool and Get Along," from the popular parenting site, "Vicky and Jen: What Really Matters."

Here's what you'll find in the podcast:
00:42 Welcome Naomi
03:38 A Need for Peacemaking
06:20 Research for the Book
10:00 What are Conflict Triggers?
12:39 Stop, Breath, Chill
17:14 Caller: Betty Jane (Harrassing Emails)
17:47 Cyberbulling: What You Need to Know
25:38 Will Our Kids Turn Out Okay?
29:28 Conflict in the Workplace
31:54 All that Naomi's Book has to Offer
35:34 One Tip for Becoming More Peaceful
36:44 More Resources for You

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