Peace Connections

I am the key to peace.

I take action every day to create peace in my life.

I take action every day to create peace in the lives of others

Commit to living these affirmations every day. If you get side-tracked and start veering off the path, acknowledge it, and get back on. Like anything worth doing, winning the Race To Peace will take patience, commitment, and energy. Your involvement will give you energy -- and telling everyone what you’re doing can empower others as well. Remember, word of mouth can be the most powerful way of spreading a new idea. Talk to people, call your friends, send e-mails -- and share your thoughts and ideas here on this website.

Share Your Thoughts, Ideas and Personal Achievements on Creating Peace!
We all have the power to create peace in our homes, workplaces and schools. Help share the peace you have created and join in our Peace Connections - a place to gather, inspire and discuss your own and other's personal missions for creating peace

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